Terms and Conditions

Digital Cyrne has prepared these registration regulations in order to clarify all the rules and procedures related to the training actions and the operation of the company.

General operation

Digital Cyrne conducts Training Courses and Workshops in accordance with the terms and conditions that are publicly posted on the website www.digitalcyrne.com. All changes will be communicated by email to participants whether they have expressed interest in participating or have formalized their registration.

Digital Cyrne reserves the right to cancel, postpone, reschedule or change the conditions for conducting the training for reasons beyond its control. In these situations the amounts already paid by the participants may, if requested in writing, be refunded or used for payment in another course or training. Under no circumstances will there be any compensation.


Course / workshop registration is received by completing the registration form available at www.digitalcyrne.com. This registration will become effective only after the Digital Cyrne team has submitted the registration confirmation upon confirmation of payment of the respective course.

The training invoice / receipt will be issued only after the full course fee has been paid.

Cancellations and Returns

Digital Cyrne accepts cancellation of enrollment already made and without penalty provided the student communicates this intention in writing and realizes it 30 working days prior to the course date. After this period and up to 5 business days before the course date, there will be a penalty of 50% of the course fee. If cancellation is made within 5 business days or less prior to the course date, a penalty of 100% of the course fee will be charged.

Digital Cyrne does not make refunds of any amount paid, however, the canceled course fee, after deduction of the penalty (if any), may be used to enroll in another course chosen by the trainee for a period of one year from from the cancellation request date.

Conditions of attendance at courses / workshops

Applications are subject to verification of the student’s profile to validate their suitability.

During the training, the participants should have good conduct contributing to the good working climate and to the accomplishment of the training activities. They must take care of all equipment and materials available.

Digital Cyrne is responsible for providing all participants with a training certificate upon completion of the course / workshop.

Data Protection

Personal data collected by Digital Cyrne for the purpose of course registration is considered and treated as confidential.

Digital Cyrne may use the data collected in the registrations for evaluation of training results and dissemination of other courses organized by it.

For more information on data protection, please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

You are entitled to cancel or change your data at any time by contacting Digital Cyrne services at geral@digitalcyrne.com.


In case of complaint, the participant must formalize it in the complaint book available at Digital Cyrne or send an email to: geral@digitalcyrne.com.

Digital Cyrne will respond within 15 days of the date of receipt of the complaint, regardless of the matter and the action taken.

Additional Information

You can contact Digital Cyrne services at any time to the email address: geral@digitalcyrne.com or by contacting Whatsapp +351 932 751 222.