Project Description

Dental 3D Printing Party in Portugal

3D Printing is taking the Dental world by storm, but how do you know you are buying the right printer?

In the past 3 years every dental convention is a flood of printers, mills and materials. In this hands on 2 day course, Dr de Oliveira will cover every aspect of 3D Printing in the digital dental office.

On day one we will cover all the popular 3D printers and which one is right for different applications. Drs and their team will learn over two days how to plan, design and print temporary bridges, dentures, aligners and wax ups using free software (Blue Sky Bio) and how to post process prints. Doctor de Oliveira will show dow to use a CBCT to scan duplicate dentures and how to print a human jaw with Blue Sky Plan.

On day two, Dr de Oliveira will cover how to make your own aligners and In direct bracket trays for Orthodontics, free 3D printed cosmetic wax ups, night guards and design and printing of digital dentures. Dr de Oliveira will also cover using scan bodies and ti bases for single and full arch digital implant restorations

  • Location: Digital Cyrne – Amadora / Lisboa / Portugal.

  • Course: Dental 3D Printing Party – 2 full days

  • Language: English.

  • Date: Canceled – New dates soon.

  • Schedule: 9.00h – 19.00h.



  • Introduction to 3D Printing.
  • Types of 3D Printers.
  • Resins and Post Processing.
  • Getting a 3D Print from a CBCT.
  • Hands on Blue Sky Bio duplicate denture and 3D Printed Jaw.
  • 3D printing in Orthodontics and Aligners.
  • 3D Printed Night Guards.
  • Designing and printing Esthetic Wax Ups and Digital Smile Design.
  • 3D Printed Dentures.
  • Digital Implantology.


Dr. August de Oliveira is an innovator in high-tech dentistry. He is passionate about quality patient care and combines his 23 years of experience with new technologies.
Dr. de Oliveira’s innovative approach to dentistry has been adopted by dentists across the world. He has educated dentists in 7 countries and all across the United States on advanced techniques in Digital Dentistry, Implants, 3D Printing and much more. His reach spans much further than his in-person training; has also authored 3 textbooks, developed software for numerous dental companies, and has been featured in various clinical journals.